Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator (BRC) Software

Simply download the latest Hawke Optics software available from Scott Country.

With BRC you can

  • Choose a preferred preset set up suitable for your calibre
  • Choose a preferred reticle for your shooting requirements
  • Adjust the presets to either work in metric or standard (imperial)
  • Change zero distances, muzzle velocity, magnification and Estimated Deterioration Value (ED0)
  • Plot your rifles trajectory and find the most suitable aim points.
  • Carry out advance rangefinding calculations

Take the information into the field.

The BRC allows you to print trajectory graphs, reticle images and range finding calculations. The BRC will save settings for future reference.

  • The BRC is quick to download and navigate around.
  • The calculations produce accurate results in the BRC program, that translate into accuracy and precision in the field.

Calibre presets include:

.22LR Sub and HV, .17Mach2, .17HMR, .223Rem, .22-250, .243Win, .308Win, .300Win Mag, .177 and .22 Air pellets.

Reticles include:

  • SR12, SR6 - Hawke SR and Nite Eye SR
  • MAP8 Endurance MAP
  • MAP6 Map Pro
  • Airmax

The BRC is regularly updated with latest reticle and calibre information.

Download Now.

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